Training the next generation of IoTMakers with Devoxx4Kids

Last updated: 26 January 2023

Our friend Vinicius Senger (of the IoT boat and IoT helmet fame, if you’ve been following our IoTMaker challenge) is hosting a session with Yara Senger at the FunFest 2014 workshop weekend on 20/21 December.

Given the number of people involved in IoTMaker projects under the age of 20 (one of our competition entries came from an 8 year old!), this sort of education is vital, and we’re thrilled that Vinicius and Yara are using the Concept Board alongside Arduino and Raspberry Pi technology to demonstrate the potential of the IoT. There are a bunch of other great sessions happening at FunFest, but this session in particular obviously caught our eye. Here’s the full description:

The Internet of Things (IoT) gives physical objects the ability to transfer information to each other (Machine to Machine aka M2M) and applications in the cloud. This creates a platform for smart decisions and continuously improved process and interactions. Just like us, they need and hand from mobile phones.

In this workshop you will learn about the Gemalto Concept Board and how devices can communicate with 3G phone network. You will get to turn on/off a home appliance using your cell phone. You will see Java programs in action as you accomplish this.

Register for the session here ($15 per person).

Please RT this post and support this worthwhile initiative if you have or know people with kids in the Bay Area that might be interested! And of course, stay tuned as we enter the judging, then build phases of our own IoTMaker competition.

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