Key themes at MWC 2015 highlight the need for On-Demand Connectivity

Last updated: 14 November 2019

Mobile World Congress continues to thrive this year, with innovative new products being released and attracting media coverage from around the world. The show’s daily newspaper, Mobile World Daily, has previewed the top 5 themes ahead of the show and, with growing excitement about the Internet of Things, connected cars and wearable devices, Gemalto’s On-Demand Connectivity is underpinning some of the key trends from the show.

Our stand at Mobile World Congress highlights real-life consumer electronics applications of the Internet of Things, such as the Limmex Emergency Watch. We have revealed how connected watches often lack style or a specific function which can differentiate it from the smartphone in your pocket. The Limmex Emergency Watch, however, has all the class and style of a typical Swiss watch, but is also designed to set up an emergency alarm chain at a push of a button. This connected watch, enabled by Gemalto technology, demonstrates an exciting new direction for the future of the smart watch market, where wearers can choose to join the Internet of Things revolution with a certain style and panache.

The Internet of Things covers the concept of billions of connected devices, and anyone who followed our IoTMaker Challenge knows that the connected car is a particularly big focus for us. Connected cars with emergency-call systems that bring rapid assistance to road traffic incidents are already a reality thanks to Gemalto’s eCall, which automatically calls the emergency services and provides information relating to the incident. Our partnership with Audi also resulted in a 2014 Connected World Award for the ‘Audi Connect’ LTE infotainment system.

These are just some of the hot topics we’ll be talking about and demonstrating at the Gemalto MWC stand, 5A80 in Hall 5 – so come and see us soon, drop us a comment or tweet to us @Gemalto.

One thought on “Key themes at MWC 2015 highlight the need for On-Demand Connectivity

  1. The demand for connectivity is huge and will not drop. Everyday, with the IoT bringing more connected items on line and the network disruption and saturation will become a big problem. That is why we developped Be-Bound that also a connection continuity no matter the network. If a sms can be sent you can stay connected to your favorite services, FB, e-mail, Twitter etc

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