NFC is getting serious

Last updated: 20 March 2014

Along with many others, I believe that NFC is ready for prime time. Just take a look around the globe: in Japan there are three operators working on offers, in the USA there is a joint venture set up between operators, and here in Europe not only do we have Barclays teaming up with Orange T-Mobile to offer mobile contactless, but in France there will be 1 million handsets rolling out for use in a number of cities.

But equally importantly, some payment terminals providers such as VeriFone are including NFC in all new POS terminals, as our friends over at NFC World announced last week.

Here’s an interview I did at Mobile World Congress a couple of weeks back about why NFC is finally getting serious. Now it will get fun to see how the various business models play out.


One thing is certain, though: customers really like the convenience. Now that handsets are becoming available in larger numbers, the race is on to create the right partnerships and to interconnect all the players.

What model do you think will work best? Will it vary from region to region? I’d like to hear what you think.

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