NFC Conversation Continues at Mobile Contactless Payment Innovations Summit

Last updated: 20 March 2014

This week, the Gemalto team is once again on the road – back in San Francisco at the 4th Mobile Contactless Payment Innovations Summit.  After all of the buzz and positive feedback around NFC payments and applications at SXSW Interactive a few weeks ago, we’re excited to continue the conversation at this event because it is dedicated to mobile payments and driving its evolution.

With NFC payment transactions poised to reach $74 billion by 2015, and several NFC pilots happening or scheduled to start soon, the timing is ideal for us to gather with colleagues to learn and share our global experience.  We’re really looking forward to hearing from leading retailers, payment card brands, and banks about their experiences working with each other and the consumer reaction to NFC technology so far.

We will also be educating and answering lingering questions that organizations have regarding NFC.  For us, “how does NFC work?” and “is it secure?” are probably the biggest questions we hear when the discussion turns to NFC technology.  To this end, we’ll be presenting at the Summit on the current NFC ecosystem, the role security plays in a successful NFC model, and the role of the Trusted Service Manager (TSM).

If you can’t make it to the Mobile Contactless Payment Innovations Summit and still have NFC questions, don’t forget that we have resources to help at – “8 myths about Mobile NFC” will clear up lingering questions, while helpful infographics explain NFC and the role of the TSM.

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