MWC 2024: Key innovations at this year’s event

Last updated: 05 April 2024

Mobile World Congress (MWC) gathers the entire connectivity ecosystem across many different industries. At this year’s event, mobile operators, technology providers and device manufacturers will all come together to share ideas and keep supporting the  evolution of the connected world.

Here are some of the trends and innovations we’ll be talking about at this year’s show…

The diverse landscape of connected devices

In our modern civilization, we’ve reached a point where many perceive digital connectivity as a basic human right. The ability to access communication technologies such as computers and smartphones enables people to communicate, learn, work, and participate in various aspects of life. And we continue to find new ways to make our daily lives better through connected devices – from smart meters to body cameras, trackers, and health monitoring devices.

This means we are now living in a society where we have billions of individuals and hundreds and millions of connected devices. According to Gartner, 2.5 billion connected IoT units will be shipped in 2027. This exponential growth underscores the pervasive nature of connectivity in our lives.

Navigating the complexities of connectivity

The proliferation of devices necessitates a shift in how we manage connectivity, and this year’s event will explore new ways to effectively handle the diversity and quantity of devices.

As we know, cellular connectivity is becoming more important across both the B2B and consumer worlds as it enables millions of devices to transmit and receive large amounts of data over long distances, securely and reliably. This also boosts the adoption of the eSIM – a smaller version of the traditional SIM card, soldered directly onto the device’s circuit board, providing a much easier use for the consumer.

With major potential to simplify the future of IoT, we expect eSIM innovations and applications to take centre stage at this year’s show. This includes Thales eSIM Management which allows Service Providers to deliver mobile connectivity remotely and seamlessly to ease the massification of IoT deployments.

Securing cellular communications

As connectivity between humans and objects increases, so does the sharing of identities and personal data. Ensuring the security of communications – whether it is a family at home, a vehicle on the road, or an employee working remotely – remains paramount.

In addition to the sheer volume of devices on the market, there are new threats to the IoT coming from the emergence of quantum computing. These computers will put current cryptographic algorithms at risk, including those used in communications protocols in the mobile connectivity ecosystem. This means that hackers could access sensitive information or disrupt the functionality of IoT devices. A key focus of this year’s event will therefore be on new advancements in post-quantum cryptography, ensuring long-term data security in the face of these new challenges.

As exciting as our new connected world is, there can be no compromise over cyber protection. So, the industry needs to come together to create a robust circle of trust around users, objects and networks of devices to protect key moments of our digital and physical lives.

In a world flooded with technology, we must think first about security, reliability and simplicity. And as we return to MWC Barcelona, we’re excited to showcase our secure solutions for a connected world. These new innovations are all designed to support the mobile industry’s digital transformation, and protect the identities of people and things.

Come and see us at MWC, Fira Gran Via, Hall 2, stand 2J30 and find out more here:

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