CES 2013: Electric dreams or neon nightmare? Will what happens in Vegas take off around the world?

Last updated: 21 March 2014

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has been a frenzy of cutting-edge innovation and novelty genius. But which kit, if any, will take off in 2013?

Last year I blogged from CES 2012 about the importance of security keeping up with innovation. I referred to Intel’s Identity Protection Technology (IPT) and Anti-Theft (AT) technology as part of the ultrabook introduction and it’s fair to say that ultrabook’s have now entered the mainstream (if not for security innovations like these, then for their sleek looks and robust flash innards). In 2012 I touched upon Samsung’s SAFE ‘Samsung Approved for Enterprise’ initiative and although questioned, this seems to be growing and gaining trust within the IT community.

At CES 2013, technology companies unveiled over 20,000 products in just five days, from 4k (ultra-high definition) televisions and bendy displays to vibrating forks… but what of the security innovations on display?

Well, Cisco has teamed up with AT&T on a new home security platform. The Digital Life platform wirelessly monitors and manages everything from smoke detectors to door locks and reinforces the connected home which we all expect to hear more about this year.

Something that caught my eye this year is the Dell Wyse Project Ophelia, a USB drive that takes Windows to Go technology in Windows 8 for Enterprise and lets you boot a mobile version of your personal operating system into any MHL port in a TV or monitor to carry your working world with you on a keychain. The jury’s out on Windows 8 for Enterprise, but I’m impressed with the potential the team at Dell Wyse have unlocked (strong -authentication permitting).

What caught your eye at this year’s show? Is this the year of the connected home, or indeed, the connected office?

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