[Video] Cloud & Security Team Up to Save the Day for IT Professionals

Last updated: 17 May 2016

Holy data explosion, Batman!

For IT teams, the struggle is real. Data is growing by leaps and bounds, and being shared more too. The cloud provides an easy way for companies to consume and manage all of this information, but it is secure?

In cloud environments, there’s no clearly defined perimeter to defend. With more bad guys lurking in the shadows, you can’t rely on old school technologies, such perimeter security, to protect your information. It’s time for a new approach that puts you in control.

Wondering how your IT team can get started? Never fear, Cloud and Security are here! This dynamic duo is ready to help IT pros like you save the day – and your data.

Watch Episode 1: Masters of Data Disguise Now

In Episode 1: Masters of Data Disguise, Cloud and Security make their debut. Cloud has made all of the City’s data easily accessible. But data thieves have their eyes on the prize, and the Mayor is concerned the City’s sensitive information will be compromised if it’s not protected.

Security has a plan, but will good prevail over evil? Watch now to see if everyone’s favorite new IT superheroes can become the masters of data disguise.

For more data crusader fun, tune in next week – same groovy time, same groovy channel – for Episode 2: Under Lock and Key.

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