MSPs Experience Abundant Growth with Changing Market Demands

Last updated: 19 November 2018

msps growth
Managed services are at the heart of the IT solution provider industry, generating an incredible $158 billion in annual sales. Partners pioneering the way in managed services are experiencing rapid growth by offering customers services and solutions in a new way. Gemalto’s recently launched Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner program is tailored to this crucial segment of the Channel. We are poised to make an even greater impact in the security industry with the ability to support our customers’ complex demands through on-demand cloud services, beginning with SafeNet Data Protection on Demand (DPoD).

Securing Data Can Be a Complicated Task

It is vital now more than ever that customers ensure that their data is secure. Rigorous compliance regulations have come into effect regarding data sovereignty, such as GDPR in Europe, NDB in Australia, and PCI-DSS. This shift is influencing organizations to employ new key management and encryption solutions to make sure data meets these new standards. Implementing these controls can be costly and complicated.

Greater Market Demand for Security Delivered As A Service

451 Research Principal Analyst Garrett Becker had some keen insights about the market, “We are strong believers in the desirability and inevitable market demand for a greater degree of data security capabilities delivered as a service. In light of a chronic shortage of skilled security staff and increasing regulatory burdens, Gemalto offers a broad range of encryption and key management services, while abstracting from physical deployments and reducing the need for scarce security staff.”

Simplify Your Services Offering

Gemalto developed an easier way to manage data protection with SafeNet Data Protection on Demand. This cloud-based platform provides a wide range of on-demand key management and encryption services through a simple online marketplace. Partners who deliver Gemalto encryption, key management, access management and authentication services to their customers as part of a cloud or hosted offering, or implement Gemalto solutions to enable service offerings, have a leg up in the market. They are able to offer unrivalled data protection as-a-service (DPaaS) offerings to their customers while growing their revenue streams.

Customers Gain Unrivaled Data Protection

Partners appreciate that the cloud-based platform simplifies the process of offering security by making it more streamlined and cost effective. It empowers them to save their customers’ time, money and worry. Security is simplified, more cost effective, and easier to manage because there is no hardware to buy, deploy, and maintain. Customers can click and deploy the services needed, provision new tenants, add further services and get usage and audit reporting in minutes.

As a Managed Services Provider, you can deliver SafeNet Data Protection On Demand under your branding, bundled with your cloud or security services, and offer your customers a way to painlessly strengthen their security. By leveraging reliable, repeatable, and profitable services aligned to your business model, you can ensure the repeat business of loyal, satisfied customers.

The Gemalto Cipher Partner Program empowers MSP partners to provide unrivalled data protection as-a-service offerings to their customers and grow their revenue streams. Learn more about what a partnership with Gemalto can do for your organization.

For more information on SafeNet Data Protection on Demand, watch the video below and sign-up for your free evaluation.

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