A New Leader in Data Protection

Last updated: 04 April 2019

It’s been an exciting week for everyone at Thales and Gemalto. The combination of our two companies creates the worldwide leader in digital security, protecting more data, transactions and identities than any other company and enabling tens of thousands of organizations to deliver trusted digital services to billions of individuals around the world.

The Leading Data Protection Provider
In addition, this week we launched Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing by bringing together two leading global data protection providers, Thales eSecurity and Gemalto’s Enterprise & Cybersecurity business.

The combination of the Thales eSecurity and Gemalto SafeNet data protection portfolios creates an unrivalled leader in data protection. Our products, including the SafeNet Luna HSM, Thales Vormetric Data Security Platform and Thales payShield, are the recognized de facto standards when it comes to securing data, identities and transactions in any environment.

Together, we now have a unique position in the market with global leadership in:

  • General Purpose Hardware Security Modules
  • Payment Hardware Security Modules
  • Cloud Hardware Security Modules
  • Data Encryption and Key Management
  • Encryption for High-Speed Networks

Cloud First, Cloud Ready
Even as we lead the market today, we are also building our services and solutions for the future, especially one that is cloud first. It’s quite clear that more and more businesses are building their entire IT infrastructure on the cloud. And it’s not just startups. Large enterprises like banks are going all in on the cloud. Just recently, Standard Bank of South Africa, the second largest bank in Africa, announced it was going to the cloud with AWS. In addition, recently I met with a CIO at a major international bank who told me that within the next 12-18 months a majority of their workloads will be in the public cloud. Two years ago this would have seemed impossible, but clearly the shift to the cloud is accelerating, even for the most security conscious organizations like banks and financial services companies.

This is why we launched SafeNet Data Protection On Demand, making encryption, key management and hardware security modules available from the cloud as consumable, on-demand services through an online marketplace, from Cloud HSM On Demand and Key Management On Demand to Encryption on Demand services. With SafeNet Data Protection On Demand, security is made simpler. DevOps, security and IT professionals just sign up to create an online account and click on the data protection services they need, including securing CyberArk server keys in an HSM as a key vault or an on demand key brokering service that acts as a custodian of keys for your Salesforce.com environment.

The Acceleration of Innovation
With the additional resources and expertise from the combination of our two companies, we will be able to leverage our combined knowledge and increase our investments in order to accelerate innovation. Together, Thales and Gemalto will have 28,000 engineers and 3,000 researchers. For our customers, our promise will be to ensure they can easily upgrade to the new solutions we develop from the products they use today.

Looking to the future, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations protect the new perimeter, which is the data itself and the users accessing that data. While most security vendors provide services that protect just data or secure access to data, we are the only provider that does both with our data protection and access management services. Our vision is that one day these markets will converge and companies will benefit from an integrated solution that helps them identify their most sensitive data. We actually look forward to a time when security becomes part of the DNA of the data and automatically applies encryption and user access controls.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing. Our ambition is to create the global leader in data protection for a cloud first and digital world.

Welcome to the new era for data protection. Learn more about Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing.

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