What is an engineer? Why we need to challenge the…

Engineers design the world around us. Whether it’s inventing, designing and maintaining machines, structures or data systems, there isn’t a single part of our everyday lives that isn’t touched by engineering. Despite this, the demographic makeup of the profession does not reflect the wider world. For example, the field of engineering is one (of many) […]

Top five things to do in Paris

Welcome to Paris, a city that’s famous for its food, fashion and art. We’re lucky enough to have our head office here, so our team have lots of opportunity to soak up the culture and get inspired. Next week, on the 28th – 30th November, our home city will welcome energy professionals from around the […]

ICYMI: Security Hot Topics from 2022

Technology is designed to make our lives better and more convenient – and each year sees new developments and innovations. However, with any innovation comes a new security challenge. We’ve rounded up some of our blogs from the past 12 months, tapping into the biggest security hot topics from 2022. We called for an end […]

Why synergy management is the new soft skill

I recently changed positions to take care of synergy for Thales DIS and to mark the occasion, I wanted to share with you my personal reflection on this subject. What is synergy? The term “synergy” comes from the Greek word, “synergos”, which means to work together. It refers to the interaction between two or more […]