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Considering AD FS for SSO? Here’s What CISOs Should Know

Are you a CISO or IT professional considering Microsoft AD FS as a solution to simplify access to multiple applications? While AD FS helps reduce the log on burden for end users by providing single sign on to applications or cloud services in an organization, it may not ultimately be sufficient for all your SSO and Cloud Access Management needs. In this regard, there are several points that CISOs may want to take into account when assessing the optimal solution for their access management needs.

Slashing Breaches in 2018 with Cloud Access Management

Prevent data breaches in 2018 with cloud access management. MFA is only part of the solution. By combining cloud single sign-on, MFA and granular policies, access management solutions provide security leaders with a single pane of glass from which to define and enforce access controls on all their cloud and web apps.