Who’s afraid of cloud app management? Fear not, solutions are here!

Last updated: 21 June 2017

Cloud-based applications are beingSafeNet Trusted Access - Cloud Access Icon pulled into the enterprise hand-over-fist, with an average of 17 apps already supported by IT departments today. Deploying the best technology at the shortest time to value is great for productivity. Less so are the implications that so many cloud-based services have on other areas of the business:

  • Security professionals struggle to ensure cloud access security as cloud access, by default, is secured only by weak, static passwords
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance becomes difficult when there is no visibility into who is accessing what and when
  • Handling passwords resets becomes a core IT task, accounting for 20% of all helpdesk tickets according to recent research
  • Users are plagued by password fatigue–the never ending task of creating, remembering and updating countless usernames and passwords

Cloud Access Management – Having your Cake and Eating It Too
Access management solutions have emerged to address these cloud adoption hurdles and ensure secure, compliant and convenient access to cloud-based applications. SafeNet Trusted Access, Gemalto’s new cloud access management service, lets organizations:

  • Simplify cloud access with smart single sign on
  • Optimize security with fine-grained, scenario-based access policies
  • Scale cloud adoption with centralized access management
  • Gain visibility into access events through data driven insights

Cloud SSO and Access Management
Access management solutions are foundational to a company’s cloud adoption strategy, as they prevent security and compliance blind spots, while ridding both users and IT of endless password resets thanks to cloud single sign on (cloud SSO) and streamlined cloud identity management. That’s probably why 88% of organizations have already implemented or are planning to implement cloud SSO on as an access management capability.

To learn more about access management, watch How IAM works in the Cloud or get started developing your own IAM strategy with Forrester’s IAM Strategy Play Book.

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