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Unmasking Data Masking

Business organisations today are handling massive volumes of data at various levels in their operation. With digitization being implemented on a huge scale, data breach is now among the primary concerns that business entities are either facing or fearing. In this blog post, we will touch upon data masking – one of the most popular ways to secure sensitive data.

Four Data Security Trends that Defined 2017

With 2018 upon us, it’s important we take stock of the data security trends and threats that defined 2017. Several notable trends emerged over the course of the year, after all, and these will no doubt continue to shape the data security landscape into 2018 and beyond. Here are four such remarkable data security trends […]

Data breach statistics 2017: First half results are in

So far this year, the level of social awareness around cybersecurity and data breaches has exploded causing more people sit up and take notice. Historically, the topic was covered predominantly by tech-centric publications but recently has received much more attention from mainstream media. Today’s announcement from the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that a […]

Data Breaches by the Numbers, Q3 2014 [Infographic]

After collecting publicly available information about worldwide data breaches, the Breach Level Index (BLI) showed that there were over 183 million data records lost or stolen from July through September 2014. As our new infographic shows, that means there were nearly 2 million records lost or stolen every day. That’s 23 records a second. Of the […]