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Using your NFC phone to access buildings

For many years we’ve been talking about digital convergence and NFC is one of the prime candidates for multi-application devices and cross-industry collaboration. We’ve already heard in great detail about its ability to get banks and telecom operators working together to power moblile payment service and another applications area moving forward will be access control.

The top 8 myths about Mobile NFC

NFC is starting to make the mainstream headlines with many pilots and commercial roll-outs taking place. However, just as with the arrival of 3G, ATMs and chip and PIN bank cards there’s a whole lot of consumer education that needs to take place before people will understand and, more importantly, “trust” the technology. We recently […]

Using your mobile phone to pay for the bus, subway,…

One of the first places we first experienced contactless technology was as a travel ticket to ride the bus, subway, tube, metro or whatever you call it in your neighborhood. In fact, Oyster cards in London have helped pave the way for the UK to be a hotbed for all types of contactless transactions especially […]

Peer to Peer payments using NFC

So far near field communication and contactless in general, have been viewed as a great way to replace cash for purchasing small value items in places like fast food restaurants, convenience stores, cinemas and the like. One less well known service is peer-to-peer (P2P) payment

The car key of the future – your NFC mobile

As you may have seen in our NFC free-running video, the potential uses for mobile contactless technology go way beyond payments in drugstores, fast food restaurants, cinemas etc. Access control is one of the services NFC phones can power, replacing employee ID badges to enter building and as reported by NFC World back in March, […]