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Take Ownership of the Keys to Your Data with Gemalto…

According to Gemalto’s 2017 Breach Level Index Report, publicly reported data breaches compromised more than 2.5 billion data records as a result of 1,765 security incidents throughout the year. North America made up the bulk of these incidents at 1,514 security events, or 86 percent of the total. The Asia/Pacific region had just 113 incidents. […]

Data Breach Affects 1.5 Million Singaporeans

A government healthcare group database in Singapore suffered a data breach that compromised the personal information of 1.5 million people. On 4 July 2018, investigators with Integrated Health Information System (IHiS) detected strange activity on one of the IT databases owned by SingHealth, Singapore’s largest group of healthcare institutions. The administrators responded by implementing additional […]

Clicking with the BBC – NFC in Singapore

We’ve blogged a lot about NFC technology – from our Contactless Challenges in London, Austin and Salt Lake City to contactless payments at the Olympics and NFC-enabled transport and ticketing. Now, however, we’re delighted to demonstrate the use of NFC technology (and manufacturing) in Singapore, as reported on by BBC Click, the BBC’s flagship technology […]

Embracing permission-based marketing in Asia

The term ‘permission-based marketing’ is well-known in many regions around the world. Popularized by marketing guru Seth Godin, it has helped brands overcome the issue of being interruptive in their engagement with consumers. We have touched on this several times on this blog, looking at how to encourage customer loyalty and ensure consumer privacy, sharing […]