Clicking with the BBC – NFC in Singapore

Last updated: 06 February 2015

We’ve blogged a lot about NFC technology – from our Contactless Challenges in London, Austin and Salt Lake City to contactless payments at the Olympics and NFC-enabled transport and ticketing. Now, however, we’re delighted to demonstrate the use of NFC technology (and manufacturing) in Singapore, as reported on by BBC Click, the BBC’s flagship technology program.

The acclaimed BBC Click team, Spencer Kelly and LJ Rich, flew out to Singapore earlier this year to explore technological innovation in this city where East meets West. As part of this they explored one of our factories where the technology that enables secure contactless and NFC transactions is manufactured. They also met with my colleague Winston Yeo to hear about why NFC technology is taking off in Singapore.

Watch the full video – and other futuristic developments happening in Singapore – here:



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