Over in California, the RSA IT Security show kicks off (oh and we’ll be there too)

Last updated: 19 March 2014

This year the RSA Conference in San Francisco coincides with the Mobile World Congress resulting in a busy week for Gemalto’s Telecom and Enteprise Security teams. This year, the show continues to attract top keynote speakers from Microsoft, Symantec, the Department of Homeland Security and more covering themes from cybercrime to malware incidents, data breaches, compliance legislation and more.

RSA ConferenceThe 2011 RSA Conference is themed around the giants that have led the security industry – specifically the men and women behind the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange and the RSA algorithm. As you look at the faces that advanced and defined this field, you cannot help but think that the cold images that security often conjures – locks and bars, alarms and codes, secrets and keys – unfairly define our industry.

Those cold images are simply tools that are used to ensure security. This year at RSA, Gemalto is focusing, instead, on what that security provides – freedom. Security that allows you to be free from focusing on the protection of information, money or goods – regardless of the tools used or the industry in which you work.

Information security is ever changing – this year more than ever with a plethora of new threats and colliding industries. We look forward to the RSA Conference, as it brings together all of the industries in which Gemalto plays – enterprise security, mobile and telecommunications, banking and government – and focuses exclusively on our core competency: offering a range of security options, solutions and services to provide our customers, and therefore their customers, with the utmost level of freedom.

Come visit us at booth 1945 to experience how Gemalto provides the security needed to be free.

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