Blog Standards: what you should be reading in 2013

Last updated: 19 March 2014

With 2013 now well and truly underway, it’s time for us to take our now traditional look at the other tech, security and mobile blogs we think it’s worth keeping an eye on over the year ahead.

While we trust you’ll all continue to check in here on a regular basis, here are five other great additions to the blogosphere which are worth adding to your bookmarks:

  1. Security Nirvana. Unless you’re fluent in Norwegian then around half of this blog’s content won’t mean a lot to you. But it’s well worth waiting for the English posts which Per Thorsheim and co put together, as they’re bound to be balanced, meticulously-researched and highly readable. It’s also great to see that they interact with their readers and use comments and tweets they receive as the inspiration for some of their posts, like this recent piece on the relative security merits of Facebook Poke and Snapchat.
  2. Dark Reading. Whilst the site as a whole contains everything you could care to learn about security, identity and the murky world of online crime, Dark Reading’s blog is where the site’s writers and selected guest posters go to look a little deeper into their subject matter. Always thought-provoking and highly prolific.
  3. Jon Choo’s Blog. Now here’s a guy who’s going places (and not just because we lent him an NFC-enabled mobile to get the boat with). Every post Jon writes shows his enthusiasm for all things mobile, and his regular reviews, write-ups and Op Eds should be a must for anyone who wants to know what’s around the corner in the fast-moving world of telecoms.
  4. Cloudcentrics. Written by Aamir Lakhani (with occasional help from Joey Muniz, AKA ‘The Security Blogger’), Cloudcentrics looks at many aspects of cloud computing but retains a particular focus on security. Aamir takes an investigative approach to his blogging, often conducting detailed research into his subjects before posting. His recent exposé of fake social networking accounts is a great example.
  5. Mobile Industry Review. Although he didn’t come out on top in November’s Contactless Challenge, Ewan Macleod’s Mobile Industry Review is always a winner in my book. Offering readers everything from info on new handset launches through to insight from top industry figures, this blog continues to keep its finger on the pulse of mobile’s beating heart. Filled with plenty of video content, it’s also perfect if you’re more of a watcher than a reader.

Tech is my industry but Digital Marketing is my profession and as is customary I’m allowed one joker in the list. This time it is Smart Insights a UK-based blog run by its renowned founder and author Dr Dave Chaffey covering practical advice, case studies and stats for the modern marketer. So, if you want to design the perfect landing page or need market stats for an upcoming presentation they’ve probably already blogged about it.

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