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Last updated: 07 November 2019

The South by Southwest Interactive Festival returns to Austin, TX in 2016 to present cutting-edge innovation and discuss the future of technology. During the week-long event, attendees hear from the brightest minds in the industry. Sounds like we should be there, right?

And who knows better what the audience wants to hear than you? Speakers are chosen through an online tool, and public voting constitutes thirty percent of the overall score. Over 3500 entries were received last year alone, and we need your help! Click on the links below to cast a vote for one – or both – of our speakers.

Jack Jania – Why We Need to Press Pause on Wearables: The problem with wearables is that the hype hasn’t yet translated to adoption and purchase by the consumer majority. Most wearables are still too complicated, too pricey, and a little too out there. This session suggests that we may need to take wearables back to basics. Instead of trying to make wearables all things to all people, we might strip a wearable down to perform just one function exceptionally well, providing utility and reliability while allowing prices to remain low or even free. Jack will explore considerations around and successful examples of creating such a device, and make a case that we need a bridge to be ready for more complex wearables.

Laetitia Jay – Myth v. Fact: Cybersecurity and the Connected Car: Advanced connectivity and data are critical components of helping connected and autonomous cars save lives, save fuel, reduce emissions, and save time. But connectivity inevitably creates the risk of malicious hacking, and stakeholders in the connecter car ecosystem operate in a cybersecurity threat environment that is dynamic and asymmetric. Recent media reports have focused on security breaches that have been conducted for the purposes of research and educational testing. But could the threat become real?

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