Getting Smart About Recycling

Last updated: 11 September 2014

If you’ve wandered the show floor at CTIA Super Mobility Week then you know the “Internet of Things” is everywhere!  Connectivity has made the leap beyond computers and smartphones, to home appliances, cars, medical devices and even to waste management processes and it’s improving and simplifying the way we work, live and pay. Business Insider estimates 1.9 billion “Internet of Things” connections today, and 9 billion by 2018 – roughly the current number of smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, wearables, computers, and PCs combined.

Stop by Gemalto booth #4652 to see how our M2M technology puts the “smart” in an innovative, super efficient IoT recycling system.

Watch the smart recycling demo here

Our Smart Recycling demo shows how each component of our M2M technology works to simplify IoT application development and quickly bring new solutions to life.  The Gemalto team can show you how our Cinterion M2M Modules and MIMs securely connect a recycling bin to a wireless network and also add authentication and encryption to keep IoT data secure. The M2M Module collects data from sensors in the bin and sends it to the award-winning SensorLogic (SL) Application Enablement Platform where it is transformed into standardized, easy to understand intelligence.  A user-friendly web-based interface allows service mangers to check the status of bins from anywhere at anytime, and the SL Platform also sends alerts via text message, email or phone call when the bin needs to emptied. When applied on a large scale, this type of technology has a huge impact on the bottom line. Not only does it keep garbage bins from overflowing, it saves time, money and fuel for waste management companies by eliminating unnecessary service stops when bins are only half full. Fewer trucks on the road also improves the carbon footprint of operations – making cleaning up a new way of greening up!

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