M2M Fact or Fiction: Wearable technology for your pet dog?

Last updated: 26 January 2023

This is the final post in a series around the Gemalto M2M Fact or Fiction quiz, which pits you against a series of scenarios – real or imagined – to test how much of an M2M visionary you are. For the whole quiz, click here, and for other posts in the series – click here.

Of course, pets have been wearing a variety of technologies for some time: since the sixties, plastic collars have been keeping fleas from our beloved pooches through application of chemicals and sprays to keep the bitey bugs at bay.

The rise of M2M has opened up a whole new avenue of possibilities, and playing off our love of our four-legged-friends and their tendency to go off wandering, features like GPS tracking, activity monitoring and even sleep tracking have made it into the latest round of gadgets hitting the market this year.

M2M pets blog pic 2

It’s not clear if the activity monitoring is focused on tackling a rising trend in pet obesity, but at the very least it’ll help keep pet owners more informed and able to advise their veterinarians on what their pets have been up to if they ever fall ill.

So we end on a definite FACT, and ask again – did you get this question right in our quiz? Take it here.

We’ll be posting a final ‘wrap-up’ of the 10 technologies, real and imaginary, which featured in our quiz. Hope you’ve enjoyed the series and as always – send us your thoughts in the comments on Twitter @Gemalto or @GemaltoM2M.

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