Please send food: Mobile World congress, day 1

Last updated: 20 March 2014

Overhead view of the Gemalto booth at MWC 2011The Facebook for SIM announcement created a really amazing response yesterday; there were loads of tweets about how we had “squeezed”, “squashed”, “baked” Facebook onto the SIM.

@Gadget_Sage: Gemalto squeezes Facebook into a SIM card: Gemalto has come up with a novel way for mobile users to get access …

@tomiahonen: I have always been saying that we are under-utilizing the opportunity in the SIM card. Great innovation by Gemalto!

All sorts of media outlets such as e-week or the Wall Street Journal blog picked it up: 80% of the  interviews we had going on with journalists and bloggers were there for Facebook.

On the stand at MWC it was the same: the Facebook demonstration drew big crowds, but so did the Mobile Money experience. Both of these demonstrations take a new hands-on approach, and that seems to be working really well. I guess it’s the ultimate test: if you don’t need a demonstrator showing you how it works, you won’t need a manual.

Photo of Mobile Money Experience and the bar
Before the food ran out

But with all this activity going on, and loads of people on the booth, we ran out of sandwiches for the staff on the booth! So if you’re coming by the stand here in Barcelona today, bring us something to eat. We’re starving!

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