Video of interactive SMS use cases

Last updated: 20 March 2014

Curious to see how  Interactive SMS works?

Here’s a short video that shows some of the use cases that are already delivering response rates up to 10 times higher than plain SMS. You will understand how, just by making it easier for users to reply… well… they do!  It´s a simple and yet very efficient way to boost your VAS  revenues, either by promoting your services to your own subscribers´database or by deploying direct marketing campaigns from other brands.


Don’t take our word for it.  Have a look a the results of some deployed campaigns by our customers:

  • Large operator, South Asia, 2009: a message promoting a sports news service was tested on similar target audiences using two delivery methods: a standard SMS and an interactive SMS. The response rate for the former, where the customer had to send a text message, was just 0.2%; for the latter, where the customer only had to press one button on their phone, it was 7.7% – a massive 38% higher.
  • Large operator, Europe, 2009-2010: deployed different Mobile CRM campaigns using the Interactive SMS channel and witnessed impressive response rates. In particular, a subscription campaign for e-invoicing service that was run via the Interactive SMS channel showed doubled acceptance rate versus the same campaign run in 2009 via standard SMS.
  • Large operator, Latin America, 2010-2011: Interactive SMS pilot campaigns promoting the mobile operator’s own services achieved double-digit response rates. The  mobile operator reported that around 30% of users responded to the operator campaign offering phonebook backup services; and the same percentage responded to the offer for pre-paid credit top up. More than 10 percent responded to the offer for unlimited voicemail subscription.
  • Large operator, Latin America, 2009-2010: The challenge for this operator was to boost service revenue, increase SMS traffic and update old card profile with new services. After menu updates a 10% increase in the ARPU was observed and download volumes were multiplied by 4.
  • Large operator, Middle East, 2010: Mobile content with traffic boosting services were deployed. In 4 months a growth of 16% in SIM portal revenue was observed and the top 10 services correspond to promoted services by Gemalto since Aug 2010 were generating 88% of revenues.

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