MWC12 insights – reporting live

Last updated: 20 March 2014

Here’s what we have been noticing so far for this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. As always, it’s a hectic hub full of mobile enthusiasts, some in suits, some more casual and some dressed up. Luckily we’re old-timers and know how to get the most out of the four days of the show, but there are others who are experiencing it for the first time. We wish them well and look forward to reading more about it.

– It’s very warm – bright and sunny yet humid outside (for those who get to traverse the Fira anyway).

– MWC crowds are undeterred by problems on the Barcelona Metro and the protests around and outside the Fira. Where  there’s a (mobile) will, there’s a way.

– The Android pin craze (who can collect the most) isn’t as prevalent as last year. Presumably they are being more  discerning about whom they hand them out to.

– Nokia believes that you need a 41 megapixel camera on your mobile device – more than double what professional  photographers use! Pretty impressive, and this shows that Nokia has won the pixel battle.

– Today is far busier and buzzier than yesterday. Our stand is thriving with visitors and people who are intrigued by our Mobile Financial Services experience.

– There has been a lot of news and announcements focusing on the connected, smart device that offers an increasing  number of services in a secure and convenient manner. With two more days to go, we can expect even more.

Stay tuned and let us know if there are key insights we have missed.

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