The future is mobile – The Gemalto Netsize Guide is here

Last updated: 20 March 2014

Last year saw the release of the 10th edition of our Netsize Guide, focusing on mobile CRM, NFC adoption and increasing SMS volumes. The 2013 edition, now available for free download, is just as noteworthy…

Whereas, once upon a time, the Gemalto Netsize Guide might have been more relevant to mobile industry players, today it is downloaded and read by a much wider range of audiences. And why is this? Because the mobile has arguably become the world’s most personal and important communications channel.

Just consider how much you use your mobile device and you recognize it goes beyond talk and texting to data, enabling video calls, gaming and more. A recent survey that Mashable wrote about claimed that 85% of smartphone users would sooner give up water than their mobile apps!

While we wouldn’t encourage consumers to give up drinking water, it’s safe to say that there are trends afoot that are shaking up the status quo, and this is what our Guide touches on. From m-commerce on the move to alternative mobile payment mechanisms (beyond NFC), security and psychic ID, and including valuable data on phone penetration, consumer behavior and more.

This means that our Guide now appeals to those not traditionally in the mobile industry. If you’re a retailer, a bank, a record label or a transport operator, you need a mobile strategy, and that’s why the Gemalto Netsize Guide is for you.

It’s also quite apt that the Guide is being launched at CTIA here in Las Vegas where we are showcasing some of the latest technologies in the mobile industry that are affecting all areas of business. To find out more or to receive your own personal copy of the Gemalto Netsize Guide, visit us at one of our booths or download the Guide here.

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