Who to follow at Mobile World Congress 2014

Last updated: 20 March 2014

If there’s one thing that attendees of next week’s Mobile World Congress can be sure of, it’s that the event will attract more than its fair share of noise on Twitter. Throw tens of thousands of mobile enthusiasts into a handful of gigantic exhibition halls together and it’s inevitable that, between them, they’ll produce enough digital content to keep an entire datacentre occupied.

Following the hashtag (#MWC14) will bring to light any number of interesting stories, photos and opinions, but it may bring more tweets than your feed can handle. So if you’re looking to be selective about who you follow for your Mobile World Congress updates (apart from @Gemalto, of course, on #GemaltoMWC), then look no further than the eight names below. Between them, this band of Twitter troubadours will keep you up-to-date on all the issues that matter

Best for news…

@MartinStanford – Martin is a regular at Mobile World Congress and a tech enthusiast. He’ll be reporting for @SkyNews on all the biggest announcements from the major brands in attendance, and you might spot him

@Tim_Stevens – Tim is the editor-at-large for CNET. While ‘at-large’ at Mobile World Congress, he’ll likely be scouring the stands for new gadgets and innovations, particularly in the automotive sphere. He has also been referred to as ‘the nicest man in tech’ by Fortune.

Best Blogs…

@RafeBlandford – Rafe is a staple at Mobile World Congress, and his All About Windows Phone blog will be bringing up-to-the-minute announcements on all things Nokia and Windows. That means NFC, top-end cameras, apps, and maybe even a new device or two. Last year, Nokia made headlines by unveiling a €15 phone, so who knows what 2014 will bring.

Rude Baguette – We like what Rude Baguette are up to (despite, or perhaps because of, their unorthodox name). Here you can find news, views and reviews of France’s hottest tech start-ups and help discover your inner entrepreneur.


Neither Mark Zuckerberg nor Ginni Rometty are particularly prolific tweeters: the Facebook founder has famously tweeted just 19 times, while Rometty is yet to get off the mark. But look further down the list of keynote speakers, and you’ll find plenty of interesting tweeters.

Jon Matonis – This time last year, a minority of Mobile World Congress delegates had heard of Bitcoin. Twelve months later, and the ‘online currency’ has become one of the most talked-about companies in the world. Jon Matonis, its executive director, should have some useful insights to share before and after his keynote.

@JohnHering is the co-founder and CEO of Lookout, an innovative smartphone security firm. If security is your game, he should be worth a follow.

The next big money-spinner

Mobile World Congress attracts plenty of VCs and investors looking for the next big thing. If that’s why you’re in Barcelona next week, here are a couple of good people to keep an eye on.

@JohnBiggs – TechCrunch’s reputation precedes it when it comes to spotting the hottest new tech start-ups. They have a great track record, and John Biggs, the site’s East Coast Editor, is expected at Mobile World Congress to scour for the next big success story.

@BarronsTechBlog – Tiernan Ray is an experienced tech journalist and blogger whose work has been published by Fortune, Bloomberg and NY Times. Expect informed advice on shrewd tech investment opportunities.

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