One Device to Control Them All

Last updated: 12 September 2014

CTIA Super Mobility Week showed us that it’s never been more clear that there’s a massive influx of connected devices that are crossing over both work and personal activities. The biggest challenge is no longer in getting connected, but in securely managing all those connections and remembering the myriad of passwords and user names – on average, 20 per person!  Everywhere I look, I see ways where Gemalto’s Mobile Identity solution could simplify and secure access to our connected lives – even at CTIA!  For instance, when I picked up my tradeshow credentials, I needed to scroll through old emails to find my confirmation number and registration information. And when I needed to change my return flight to accommodate meeting changes, I had to log-on to my airline account and remember my unique sign-on and pin number. Wouldn’t it be easier if one secure solution could authenticate identity for all log-ins? Gemalto can help with that!  Our Mobile ID solution can turn your smartphone into a secure universal digital ID gateway.  Learn more by watching this video, or check out our Mobile ID page.

Watch mobile ID video


Gemalto’s Mobile ID solution is a game changer when it comes to accessing online services – for everything from registering at a trade show to online banking to buying tickets online for a movie. Our solution gives mobile network operators the opportunity to become a universal digital ID provider; and your smartphone and one pin number becomes the key to access. The solution offers different levels of authentication from simple to complex supporting the needs of a range of online services, from renewing your insurance coverage to paying your taxes.

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