Four reasons why the new Samsung Gear S2 is technologically significant

Last updated: 01 November 2019

The Samsung Gear S2 is a great piece of consumer electronics, with an innovative design and some great technology. But, in a context where so much tech innovation is iterative, it’s interesting to look at what’s indicative of a broader trend in the market.

We’ve picked out four key technology innovations that we think make the Gear S2 particularly interesting from a technological perspective. It would be great to hear your thoughts too.

  1. It has an innovative user interface.

The Samsung Bezel includes a back/ press button, something that is very familiar to Android users. User interface design has always been key to driving consumer adoption of new technologies. Could this become the defining benchmark for smart watch UX?

Crucially, which we’ve also said is vital to progress in the wearables market it looks great.

  1. It has an embedded Secure Element (eSE) to secure apps.

This will give consumers confidence in its security, and add momentum to the trend of mobile contactless payments, authentication, ticketing and enterprise applications.

  1. It has an embedded SIM.

It provides highly compatible, standards-based secure connectivity for voice and data. This means you won’t need to pair the watch with your smartphone anymore, something that is key to attracting consumers. 56% of respondents to a recent survey said this feature made them more likely to buy a smartwatch.

  1. It marks the continued momentum of single-use as well as multi-use wearable technologies.

Readers of this blog will be familiar with single-use wearable devices like the Saracens wristband and the Limmex emergency call Smartwatch. The Gear S2 suggests multi-use devices, that track your health, make calls and manage your schedule, continue to be a draw for consumers.

Could the Gear S2 and its technology innovations lay down a marker for smartwatch innovation? Could it even start to attract the attention of luxury Swiss watchmakers who have been watching this space? Let us know!

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