Benefits of ID Verification for MNOs: How we work with Orange

Last updated: 18 December 2017

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) fully appreciate the unprecedented business model disruption facing them. They are grappling with having to add more and more services that their customers are demanding such as mobile payments and financial services. And these services are growing in importance and becoming core to their proposition.

As more of their customers use their mobiles for transactions, fraud becomes an increasingly critical issue. The cost of fraud for networks is ever more significant for an MNO’s bottom line. And subscription fraud is one of the major challenges they face. That is why many operators have begun to think about improving how they verify identities. It must be remembered that fraud is an industry-wide issue, so mobile operators, device manufacturers and service providers must all take steps to protect mobiles, IoT devices and customer data from hackers.

How can MNOs fight this fraud? A new and pioneering approach is the deployment of trusted and tested ID verification services that can perform checks in real time. Our own identity verification service offers a unique and consistent way to cover all services at the same time, helping streamline sales processes both in-store and remotely.

In a recent post we looked into the 5 keys to quick and effective identity verification service deployment:

  • A phased and systematic approach to ensure the effectiveness of the solution
  • Gathering feedback from employees to improve the solution at all times
  • A user-centric approach so that in-store staff can focus on customer care rather than on admin
  • Integrating with legacy infrastructures to ensure a quick deployment
  • Addressing MNOs’ acquisition strategies by offering consistent way to cover all MNOs services at the same time

We have been working with France’s leading MNO, Orange, to reduce fraud and the resulting financial consequences with the help of our ID Verification service.

In 2015 Orange’s invoicing and fraud/ debt-recovery departments embarked upon a project to improve ID verification to deliver secure, high quality services to its millions of customers. They selected Gemalto’s automatic, real-time ID Verification solution to help reduce the financial burden of ID fraud, and to ensure all verification processes were in place across all stores. Orange selected Gemalto based on the solution’s ease of use, flexibility and multi-channel capability.

Orange benefited from an automated multi-channel service that goes beyond fraud protection. Here are the 6 key benefits of identity verification service deployment for Orange:

  • Fraud slashed up to 100% in some stores – Since introducing Gemalto’s ID Verification tool Orange witnessed that in some stores fraud was reduces by 100%. Additionally, ID versification checks were performed in front of customers and this had an extremely dissuasive effect on fraudsters.
  • Better customer care – For Orange it was of high importance to make things as simple as possible for their employees. The solution was user-friendly, right from the start, and it was further improved over time by gathering feedback from sales staff to allow them to focus more on consumer care than on administrative tasks.
  • Streamlined customer acquisition – In addition to its mobile services, Orange offers payments and peer-to-peer payment solutions to its customers. With Gemalto’s solution Orange benefits from a consistent and unique ID verification that covers all services at the same time.
  • Simple Integration – Our solution was able to easily slot into Orange’s IT infrastructure. This allowed Orange to keep costs down and minimize the impact on employees. Our ID Verification solution was thus tailored to operate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure and sales processes.
  • Reliability – We have saved Orange staff hundreds of hours who request real-time ID Verification in their stores, with some experiencing up to hundreds of daily real-time verifications requests.
  • Orange now has the ability to have a single trusted service provider for its verification needs.

Solutions that streamline ID verification are hugely valued by customers and the businesses that need to check identities. Finding the right balance between accuracy and tolerance for user convenience is critical in this field and should aim to reduce the incidence of false positives to as closer to zero as possible.

The opportunities for MNOs having such a multi-channel solution, which also works remotely, is a first step towards the creation of a trusted digital identity market, where they can position themselves as trusted digital identity aggregators by validating the subscriber identity. Other industries that could benefit from such advanced ID verification procedures, coupled with biometric authentication, include online gaming, online car rental, and online hotel reservation services like Airbnb (who now require an image of your ID or passport to verify your identity). So, think about how much they would benefit from embracing the trusted digital identity market.

Find out more about Gemalto’s multi-channel identity verification service featuring state-of-the-art biometric authentication.

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