Mobile World Congress 2023: What to expect from Thales this year

Last updated: 22 March 2023

We’re back! It’s that time of year again and we’re thrilled to once again, be participating in the world’s most influential connectivity event, MWC Barcelona. Every year we look forward to being in Barcelona and presenting our key solutions that support the mobile industry’s continued digital transformation.

Why are we here?

In short, 5G. 5G offers new opportunities to deliver ground-breaking solutions to our digital world. We’ll be at MWC to showcase the solutions that secure these 5G networks and ultimately help to create a smarter, all-connected universe.

With the great variety of devices urged to get connected over 5G, Thales SIM and eSIM solutions for consumers and IoT have been designed to enable the ecosystem’s players, MNOs, IoT Service Providers and OEMs to securely connect and manage them.

What technology will we be showcasing?

Streamlined eSIM and SIM management for Private Networks: Private networks are a key element of enterprise digitization strategies. These networks require eSIMs and SIMs to securely identify and connect users and objects. As the world leader in eSIM and SIM solutions, we’ll be on hand to discuss your business development and why you should entrust the management of your eSIMs and SIMs to us.

Optimizing the success of eSIM profile deployments: In a market increasingly equipped with eSIM solutions and with a constantly growing eSIM service demand, MNOs and Connectivity Providers need to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their eSIM subscription deployments, as well as offering the best end-user-experience.

We’ll be on hand to demonstrate how eSIM solutions can improve operation efficiency with smart stock management and real time subscription profile adaptation.

Making massive IoT available to all: With our Thales Adaptive Connect solution, IoT service providers and IoT device makers can build resilient and cost-effective connectivity with no back-end integration and no impact on device manufacturing and logistics operations.

This innovative solution, designed to deliver the flexibility required by the massive IoT segment, extends commercial opportunities to MNOs and global network service providers of all sizes.

Trusted Digital Telco: Consumers are looking for a trusted, end-to-end digital journey for purchasing and using their mobile plan. Our mobile first solutions are either leveraging on a digital BSS to create a digital first brand or integrating to a carrier app proposing a quick and secure onboarding, including identity verification and eSIM subscription for a 100% digital telco experience.

A new trust model for securing 5G networks: Thales 5G security solutions deliver end-to-end encryption and authentication to help organizations protect data. This is done across fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul operations as data moves from users and IoT devices, to radio access, to the edge (including multi-user edge computing), and finally, in the core network and data stores, including containers.

5G Non-Terrestrial Networks: With the recent technical specifications in 3GPP related to Non-Terrestrial Network enhancements, a global standard for satellite systems is newly defined aiming to support any orbit, any frequency band and any device.

It opens the door to seamless integration of satellite network components in 5G systems and beyond, delivering the promise of a ubiquitous mobile system providing 5G connectivity from space.

Thales Alenia Space is leading this 5G NTN journey that would materialize in the upcoming years through new disruptive services and use cases like Direct-To-Device which offers the mass consumer or automotive markets (to mention a few) a continuous seamless wireless connectivity in areas not covered by the terrestrial networks.

Where can you see us speaking?

eSIM Summit: eSIM to Power Connected Devices

Benjamin Mazet, Product Line Manager of the On-Demand Connectivity vertical at Thales will be taking part in the eSIM Summit this year.

Benjamin will be talking about how the eSIM is at its best moment to provide an optimized experience both for consumers and IoT use-cases – sharing innovative use-cases and vision for the future.

  • When? Wednesday 1 March 2023 09:30-11:30
  • Where? Gran Fira, Hall 7, 250pax Theatre 6

How to find us?

To find out about all this, and more, head over to the Thales stand, Hall 2, Stand 2J30.

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