Cloud Security: CloudEntr, Now Secures Logins and Files in a Single Portal

Last updated: 30 July 2014

Being in the security business, we hear our customers’ pains and challenges often when it comes to securing their data, and lately the cloud has been the monkey on their back they can’t shake. Shadow IT has given businesses something to think about in regards to understanding their full footprint in the cloud as well as control, control over how their data is used, where it is stored, and the secure treatment it receives. All these variables have resulted in companies reluctantly or unknowingly having adopted cloud services and when they do, leaving them with data risk. Others, lack the trust and confidence that cloud services will help them weather the inevitable data breach.

This week, the CloudEntr Team is excited to announce that we have listened to our customers to address the other piece of the cloud security puzzle: file sharing and collaboration. Our CloudEntr access management solution now offers an all-in-one solution for secure application access and file sharing in the cloud. We are excited to enable SMBs to capitalize on the cost efficiency and convenience of the cloud with the peace of mind of knowing their and their customers’ data is secure.

Check out my colleague Ella Segura’s blog covering the full details of our new file encryption and collaboration feature and all the added features included in the CloudEntr July Release.

How does secure file sharing work?  Watch the video from CloudEntr:

Click to watch the video


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