IoT Nightmares: Roundup and Infographic

Last updated: 16 May 2016

This post originally appeared on SafeNet’s The Art of Data Protection blog prior to SafeNet being acquired by Gemalto.
IoT Nightmares LogoThroughout October, we’ve blogged about the IoT Nightmares — stories inspired by spooky campfire tales about the very real cyber security vulnerabilities the Internet of Things (IoT) introduces to a variety of industries.

As each terrifying scenario demonstrates, the increase in connected devices brings a number of advantages —  increased operational efficiency, customized user experiences and improved communication, to name a few — but the IoT also brings with it a number of new challenges. Organizations in any industry leveraging the Internet of Things need to plan for these challenges by enhancing their data security strategies to avoid the IoT Nightmares.

At the beginning of each IoT Nightmares blog post, you may have noticed some eye-opening stats in the form of stand-alone infographic pieces. Now, we’re happy to present the full infographic, bringing all of these nightmares together:

IoT Nightmares Infographic
Miss one of the tales, or brave enough to revisit them? Check out all the entries in the IoT Nightmares blog series:

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