Case Study: Protecting PII in the Cloud

Last updated: 16 May 2016

Protecting PII in the CloudNow that there are more security protocols available and companies can maintain their compliance posture, many customers are either actively moving to or have already committed to doing business in the cloud. Reasons for this transition vary from operational efficiency, cost management, and the overall need to keep up with the changing technological landscape and use cases.

One of Gemalto’s newest customers—a global leader in mapping and location based services—migrated to the cloud for just those reasons. Originally a hosted data center offering, the Company moved to the cloud to capture location content such as road networks, buildings, parks and traffic patterns. They resell map data to Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment manufacturers and online mapping providers. Challenges to moving to the cloud included the costly, resource heavy requirement for ongoing maintenance, and the constant need to keep abreast of changes in underlying technology.

After attempting to create a key management solution internally for over a year, the Company turned to Safenet Virtual KeySecure with SafeNet ProtectApp to provide location-based services for public and private cloud solutions. Reasons for abandoning their own development efforts included the need to reduce costs, complexity and time-to-market, as well as a limited functionality scope. By making their map datasets available via cloud with Gemalto, the Company is now benefiting from:

  • Improved scalability to meet surges in demand or overcome system outages by clustering Virtual KeySecure instances in different regions.
  • Ensuring appropriate levels of data privacy based on where their location-based services are being accessed.
  • Leveraging extensive logging to provide necessary alerting and reporting demanded by their customers via Service Level Agreements.

Through SafeNet Virtual KeySecure, the company is now addressing the critical requirements of personally identifiable information (PII) in the cloud, and ensuring the protection of data with strong encryption and key management best practices—all while keeping current with compliance requirements.

With the additional benefit of scalability through Safenet Virtual KeySecure together with the SafeNet Encryption Connector family of products (Protect App, ProtectDB, ProtectFile and Tokenization Manager), as their key management and encryption needs grow, so will their solution.

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