[Video] Cloud and Security Are Back in Action with a Password to the Wise

Last updated: 31 May 2016

When it comes to securing cloud-based applications, IT pros need a superhero (or two).

With more business applications moving to the cloud, and more of those apps being accessed by devices that are not company-owned, IT teams need a way to ensure only authorized users can access their organization’s sensitive data.

You may have heard that true crime fighters always carry everything they need on their utility belts. Well, it’s time for IT pros to add strong multi-factor authentication to theirs to stay a step ahead of the bad guys – especially those phishing for usernames and passwords.

If you’re ready to step up your game, Cloud and Security are back in action in their latest episode to show you the way. This dynamic, data-loving duo can show you the super powers you need to control access and keep your cloud-based applications and sensitive information on lock down.

Watch Cloud and Security in Episode 3: Gone Phishin’ orrr…Password to the Wise now. 

In previous episodes, Cloud and Security thwarted the bad guys by encrypting the city’s sensitive data and ensuring the Mayor owned the city’s encryption keys for his data in the cloud.

But what happens when the bad guys steal user IDs and passwords of city employees? Will sensitive data be exposed? Watch Episode 3: Gone Phishin’ orrr…Password to the Wise now to find out!


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