Big data security risks: How should you address the threats?

Last updated: 13 April 2017

I raised the question recentlyBig Data whether speed and security were incompatible with big data. And the answer is, it depends, with all the vagaries that it entails, and the accompanied frustration for those of us in the security space.

So let’s look in a little more detail at information security risks, and particularly those associated with big data as organizations take advantage of the benefits of big data to utilize the intelligence in their massive data stores. It is the very aggregation of data associated with the data store environments that can both exacerbate existing security gaps and introduce new ones. The Cloud Security Alliance frames it perfectly: “Security and privacy issues are magnified by the volume, variety, and velocity of big data.”

Massive volumes of information-rich data are being transported within and across networks in and out of organizations and these transmissions continue to grow, as bandwidth requirements increase, and as more data sources are aggregated, analyzed, and disseminated.  These high-volume transmissions across high speed networks are increasingly being targeted, and too often are vulnerable. With larger data stores and increased network speeds and throughput, more data can be exposed: within seconds of a single attack on a high-speed network, massive amounts of data can be compromised.

Are you interested in finding out more about how to address these big data security risks and the key requirements for a successful network encryption implementation? Read: Big Data, Bigger Threats: How Sensitive Data is Being Exposed in High Speed Networks, and How You Can Mitigate the Risks.

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