Can you win the Retail Data Security Sweep?

Last updated: 02 January 2018

Hello and welcome to the Retail Data Security Sweep! Earlier this year, it was revealed that the number of data breaches in the UK retail sector has doubled, leading for calls for more investment in cyber security. We’ve talked a lot on the blog about the damaging effects of hacks on customer trust and revenues, so it’s important we start taking the issue seriously.

If not, there could be serious ramifications for businesses. Our latest Data Breaches and Customer Loyalty 2017 report was just launched, and the headline finding is that 70% of consumers would stop doing business with companies if they experienced a data breach. Clearly, there is no longer room for complacency when it comes to security.

So, to find out how much you really know about cyber security in the retail sector, you can test your knowledge and find out in our Retail Data Security Sweep quiz.

Here’s how it works. There are two rounds. In the first, you’ll be asked a series of questions based on our new Data Breaches and Customer Loyalty report. And then in round two, you’ll have to choose the best approach to a series of retail security scenarios.

If you want to add some additional drama, you can play it like the original Supermarket Sweep gameshow. For each question you get right in Round One, award yourself an additional 20 seconds to the time you’ll spend on the final round, the Sweep. If you don’t get any right, then don’t worry, you’ll still have 30 seconds in the final.

Round One – Guessing Customer Expectations

How many points did you score? Remember you get 20 seconds per correct answer added on to the allocated 30 seconds. Now, it’s time to get ready for The Sweep!

Round Two – The Data Security Sweep

In this part, we’re going to present you with a series of scenarios and you’ll have to choose the most appropriate security principle or solution to address the issue. First, here’s a list of protective mechanisms – containing specific technologies as well as more general principles – that can be deployed in a retail environment:

End-to-End Encryption – this is a solution that uses special payment terminals, which are capable of encrypting card data at the earliest possible moment of its capture. This ensures that data remains in an encrypted state consistently until it arrives at the payment gateway

Situational-awareness strategies – these improve the ability of companies to detect and respond to breaches. It allows retail companies to anticipate, discover and investigate anomalous behavior

Strong IAM – Strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) can make it more difficult for fraudsters to impersonate genuine users and access personal data. Multi-factor authentication, which involves several verification steps for maximum security, can be deployed

Familiar with these different approaches? Now, we’re going to present you with the scenarios. See how many you can get within your allotted time!

Did you manage to complete the Sweep? If so, how many did you get right? Let us know by tweeting to us at @Gemalto.

Hopefully, the game demonstrates the importance of deploying multiple, multi-layered cybersecurity strategies in a retail context. If you’re interested in reading more, you can download the full Data Breaches and Customer Loyalty report here.

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