RSA Conference 2018: Securing the Digital Transformation

Last updated: 17 April 2018

This week, security professionals from across the globe will assemble at the Moscone center in San Francisco for the annual RSA Conference. Behind the excitement of new product launches, informative sessions and sponsored dinners, a solemn truth remains—the number of cyber-attacks against corporate and government data has never been greater and securing these environments has never been more daunting a task.

Data breaches have continued with such frequency that a week without a breach seems more abnormal than a week with a large-scale loss or misuse of user data. Research from the Breach Level Index indicates over 2.6 billion records were breached in 2017. While this unfortunate overabundance of data loss has de-sensitized users and citizens to their full effect, regulatory bodies have taken up the charge in hopes of defining new rules of engagement with regard to data privacy.

As threats grow in scale and scope, enterprises must consider security at every layer of infrastructure, especially as they undergo radical digital transformations of their operations and go-to-market strategies. The core of what drives Gemalto and our roadmap today is integrating our own access management and data protection solutions with a broader ecosystem of partners to help secure the breach.  You will be hard pressed to find another organization that has the experience and breadth of portfolio on offer at Gemalto.

A robust identity and access management strategy in the absence of a data protection strategy won’t fix threats that find unauthorized ways to sensitive data. Likewise, a expansive encryption, centralized key management and robust cryptographic framework can be bypassed if proper access controls and management are not in place. From on premise to multi-cloud and security-as-a-service offerings we allow you to enlist a myriad of capabilities that all work together to protect your enterprise’s most valuable assets.

Come by our booth at RSA Conference (#301 in the South Expo) to learn more about our new innovative service offerings for Identity & Access Management (SafeNet Trusted Access), Data Protection (SafeNet Data Protection On Demand) and Key Management (SafeNet Virtual KeySecure). You can also try your hand at traversing the inner workings of a hardware security module in our CyberHero VR challenge—a high score will make our daily top 5 scoreboard with the winner taking home a special prize.

More details are available here –if you haven’t already, contact our teams to schedule a meeting while you’re at the conference. We’d love to hear from you.

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