What’s Your GDPR Readiness Personality? The Results Are In.

Last updated: 23 May 2018

GDPR Personality Type
With General Data Protection Regulation enforcement now days away, those involved with compliance could probably use some light relief. As you may have spotted, we’ve been doing our bit on that front over the last few weeks running our “GDPR Animal” Personality Quiz.

So how did you compare to your peers and what, if any, conclusions can we draw from this highly unscientific exercise?

Almost 850 Animals in the “GDPR Jungle”

The response has been terrific with thousands visiting the quiz and almost 850 taking it to date. We designed the questions to explore readiness along a couple of different traits. Some questions we asked were designed to expose how ready you were for the May 25th deadline, others were about your attitude to GDPR and the whole process of becoming compliant.

So what did we discover? Well the good news is that very few of you were “Oblivious Ostriches” (around 1.5%). These were the folks who had no clue what General Data Protection Regulation was all about and had their heads resolutely “stuck in the sand”. Also, it’s great to know that only a little over 1% of you fell into the category “Deer – Oh dear!” – those that felt trapped in the headlights of GDPR and had become frozen into inaction.

By far the greatest number of you, we’re pleased to report, at over 67% were “Wise Owls”. Wise Owls have their GDPR plan down and while, not yet complete, are well on their way to methodically and calmly working toward compliance by May 25th.

Over 16% of you were “Lazy Lions”. Like a lion you’re not really keen to get going until the end game is completely in sight. You have the knowledge and capability to get your GDPR program done by May 25th – you just enjoy that final sprint to the finish. I guess some of us respond better to deadlines when they are upon us than others!

Nearly 13% of you were “Grizzly Bears”. You’re really not happy about having to “waste” time on GDPR. You’re going through the motions, but really you’d be happy someplace else where the regulators would get off your back. I guess we’ve all had those days.

And what about the Fabulous Foxes? These who are already at the end of their GDPR compliance program and are sitting high and proud, watching the rest of the world trying to catch up. Well, if our quiz is even partially right, you are a rare breed indeed, with less than 1 in a hundred of you already in this coveted position.

We hope you have enjoyed playing along with us as we’ve tried to lighten the load a little in your preparations. If you didn’t get to play along yet, the quiz is still open right up to May 25th.

But really – don’t you think it’s about time you knuckled down and just got on with it?

Here are some helpful resources that can get you on your way to General Data Protection Regulation compliance:

eBook – GDPR Overview & Compliance Best Practices
White Paper – Essential Security Technologies for GDPR Compliance
Webinar – GDPR Summary: Why Encryption and Other Measures Are Now a Must

And check out Gemalto’s GDPR compliance solutions.

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