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A new parkour game – tried it with NFC?

NFC is all about freeing us up – making purchasing simpler and more straightforward. The art of parkour or ‘free-running’ is the embodiment of movement without obstacle, pause, or thought. To us, it echoes the philosophy of NFC technology and the freedom it allows us every day. So, what’s the link?


Mobile payment from South Africa to South Beach

This is my second post on our recent conference on how the mobile had impacted society for our French followers at the IT crowd hang-out, La Cantine, in Paris last week. Last week I blogged about the rise of mobile social media and today it’s the turn of mobile payment.

NFC too slow? We don’t think so

Last month Oracle published an article that stated that NFC transactions were too slow. They have been conducting some tests combining payment, coupons and loyalty cards. Too slow? bundling all 3 transactions is a bit unrealistic….

NFC is getting serious

Along with many others, I believe that NFC is ready for prime time. Just take a look around the globe: in Japan there are three operators working on offers, in the USA there is a joint venture set up between operators, and here in Europe not only do we have Barclays teaming up with Orange […]