The Death of the Rolodex: could NFC put business cards out of business?

Last updated: 20 March 2014

Last week saw the launch of’s Android app, which allows users to program custom URLs or vCards onto their NFC-enabled business cards. Together with our own POPwings offering, (which uses your phone to create and share personalized NFC business cards, including contact details, social media profiles and photos) this shows that the market for this technology is maturing and moving closer to mainstream adoption.

No doubt there will be plenty of delegates at this week’s Mobile World Congress using this technology to exchange details with customers, suppliers or partners. As a hotbed of influence and creativity in mobile, this should help NFC business cards spread further, faster.

But, as with any conference in any part of the world in any era, it’s not what takes place at the event which is important, but what comes afterwards. Exchanging a handshake, some pleasantries and a piece of decorative cardboard is all well and good, but it is in the days and weeks after this initial meeting that the relationship is fostered and (hopefully) brought to fruition. It is the connection you’re able to foster with that contact which could be valuable.

This is where a digital business card can prove more valuable than a physical one. By giving you instant access to all sorts of information which wouldn’t necessarily fit onto an ordinary card, you can arm yourself with all the details you might need to develop the relationship. Your contact may, for example, link to their Facebook or LinkedIn profile, meaning you can take a look at what they’ve been up to recently or see if you share any acquaintances from previous roles. Or they may list both a home and business location for themselves, allowing you to check out any news relevant to their local area.

It is these little details that could be the difference between a one-off encounter and a long-running working relationship. If so, having your Rolodex in your pocket rather than on your desk will well and truly have paid off.

Check out POPwings in action at Mobile World Congress here:


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