[Video] Cloud and Security Return to Reveal the Key to Secure Data

Last updated: 24 May 2016

Cloud and Security, every IT pro’s favorite new superheroes, made their debut last week in Episode 1: Masters of Data Disguise. The dynamic duo worked together to encrypt the city’s sensitive data and keep it from the prying eyes of the bad guys.

But is the data completely safe? In cloud environments, it’s important for your business – not the cloud service provider or other third party vendor – to manage and own your encryption keys. When you own your keys, you are in control of who and what can access your data in the cloud.

Ready to learn more? Cloud and Security are here to help. Like all good crime fighters, they’ve powered up their utility belts with strong enterprise key management to keep data safe and sound in the cloud.

Watch Episode 2: Under Lock and Key now.


And, for more data crusader fun, tune in next week – same groovy time, same groovy channel – for Episode 3: Gone Phishin’ orrr…Password to the Wise.

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